5 Tips When Booking your Maternity Photographer

Maternity and Newborn

Congratulations on your upcoming baby!! I know having a baby during COVID can be really stressful, which is why bringing some positivity and light in one’s life is so important! Celebrating new life and your growing family is so very important, which is why finding the right maternity photography is key to a fun, safe, and joyful session!

After 5 years and over 300 sessions it’s safe to say that I am a bit of an expert lol:) Below are 5 Tips I’ve complied to help you before booking your Maternity Photographer:

Tip 1: Choose a maternity photographer whose style and personality you connect with!

Pregnancy is so full of emotions and intimacy, so finding a photographer that helps you feel beautiful and confident is key! Style consists not just of dark vs light or airy vs. dramatic, but how they interact with you, the way they direct you into poses, etc…

I have had numerous clients just thrilled that they didn’t have to worry about posing or which way to move their bodies to look their best! It is so important to have a phone conversation with a prospective maternity photographer prior to booking.

Tip 2: Ask when they suggest taking maternity photos?

Their answer will tell you if they have any real experience. There are 2 main factors to take into account. The due date and of course if baby has popped out enough! It is important to schedule the session at least a month before the baby is due. In the last year alone nearly all of my pregnant clients have had their baby at least a week early. Some event 4 weeks early. On the flip side, it’s important for belly to be nice and popped out. The best time for a maternity shoot is between week 32-36:)

Tip 3: Ask about Bumps to Babies Packages?

The newborn phase is so precious and it goes back in the blink of an eye. It’s so important to capture these moments before they’re walking around and say no every 2 seconds lol. Most maternity photographers offer a newborn bundle discount, some even have packages to capture other milestones such as 6 months and the cake smash. With this, there are a couple of questions to ask, which leads me to tip 4.

Tip 4: Make sure your maternity photographer has experience with newborn photography before purchasing a package.

With times being as sensitive as they are, it is more important than ever to hire an expired newborn photographer. These are just a few questions to ask. How long have they been doing newborns, and do they come to your home, or do they have a studio? Do they sanitize everything? Do they provide all props? During this pandemic, most studios are closed, so it is your personal decision if you’d like them to come to your house. I recommend they wear a thick mask and sanitize from the tips of the fingers to the elbows. Of course, this is a very personal decision to make for you and your family.

Tip 5: Plan ahead!

Start reaching out to photographers at least 3 months before the baby is due, especially during the late summer and fall season. All of those holiday parties back in December result in this being the busiest time of year for babies! Many photographers book up a couple of months in advance. Not to mention the small fact, that nesting really sets in those last 3 months, so having a photographer picked out and a session scheduled is just one thing off your plate.

I hope these tips have helped during this exciting time for you and your family! Thank you for taking the time to stop over and learn from our experience. If you are interested in learning more about our work and packages follow the link below to our Bumps to Babies page:)

Bumps to Babies!



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