Destination Weddings – Benefits and Drawbacks

Is an Intimate Destination Weddings or Elopement the Right Choice for You??

Destination Elopement


In the current climate, I know that planning a wedding can be really stressful. So many questions may be running through your mind! Should I even have a big wedding? Is it safe for the elderly guests? Will it even be allowed going forward. The quick and easy answer is there will always be risk….every time you walk out your front door their is a risk of getting sick or injured, every time you visit your elderly family there is a risk that you could pass on a virus. Life is full of risk, but those people who live their lives in a bubble don’t live at all! If you were an elderly or sick individual would you be willing to risk your own health if it meant spending genuine moments with your family? Most would say yes, being with family and friends is worth the risk. Still, as the bride, you may opt for a more intimate destination wedding. Maybe that destination is only a few hours, but it definitely cuts down on the guest list, and is a fun, unique, and maybe safer way to celebrate your love! Only you can make that decision for your wedding.


  • Keeping the cost down – yep you heard me right! One of the biggest cost of a wedding is the food for the guests and of course the venue. Did you know that you can rent a castle in Germany for a fraction of the price of a typical venue here in the states? That’s right, especially when the world is coming out of this massive shut-down. There are beautiful Chateau’s in France such as the photos above that can be rented at $250/hr! Of courses, prices always change but a little research can unfold numerous possibilities.
  • Having a wedding that people will remember for decades to come! A destination wedding, come be done in so many inventive ways that your friends will envy! From Lake Como in Italy to Lake Tahoe, Yosemite, the French or English Countryside, or an exotic country such as Morroco! The sky is truly the limit! Personally I love the idea of getting married in New Zealand than taking an adventure to Antarctica!
  • Having your honeymoon, built right into your wedding. Let’s be honest, between a $30-40k wedding plus the honeymoon, the average couple spends around $50k on their wedding celebrations. Another way to cut down on the costs is to build in the honeymoon with the wedding. A great example is a lovely Paris elopement than a beautiful French countryside honeymoon. Rent a car and take a leisurely drive and end up at one of the many famous South of France beaches…just beware they are often nude friendly:)


  • The cost of flights can be expensive sometimes, although in this current climate you may be able to grab some great deals!! The upside of this is that this will keep the guest count down, which will save you money overall. The biggest con to destination weddings may actually end up being a benefit!
  • Some of your loved ones may not be able to come. For me, this is actually the biggest con. As I have waited a long time to find my true love, when I marry, I want it to be a grand celebration. The best of both worlds for me would be choosing a place such as the Grand Canyon. It is close enough for those who don’t wish to fly to drive. My uncle isn’t a fan of flying, and I can’t imagine my wedding without him, my aunt and cousins! If you are in the states, there are so many amazing natural wonders that would make for a wonderful destination wedding!
  • Planning a wedding from a distance can be difficult. The 2 biggest tips I have is first hiring a wedding planner that specializes in destination weddings, and 2nd finding a photographer from here in the states and working out a deal with them to photograph your destination wedding. When you bring a photographer with you, not only are they familiar with American traditions, but US laws will apply instead of being subject to foreign restrictions. If you do decide to hire a photographer or videographer from another country make sure and review the contract very carefully! Of course, that is good advice, no matter what!

If you would love to share some of your own ideas, I would love to hear! Please share in the comments below!


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