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September 9, 2018

As we walked and chatted Romita shivered with cold on this brisk San Francisco summer day. It is the middle of August and yet the chill in the air bites like that of winter. Romita and I had been planning this San Francisco photo shoot for several months. What started out as a lovely June […]

August 24, 2018

On a warm summer day in the middle of a quaint town in the kingdom of Northern California, 9 beautiful strong princesses and queens gathered in a lusciously green park. In this land, the summers often came with a brown/golden hue, but this oasis in its mist was the perfect place for their little gathering. A gathering […]

August 18, 2018

  Little Zane had a rough start to his sweet little life. He spent the first month of his life getting nice and strong in the hospital, outshining all the rest I am sure! Such a sweet disposition, even-tempered, and my willing little subject for almost 4 hours. Zane awoke not long after I walked […]

August 10, 2018

In mid-summer, when it has been months since we have felt the rain on our skins, it is often difficult to find lush green locations to shoot especially out in the delta. Not to fear, even in the driest of the outermost parts of the greater bay area there a beautiful lush parks for gorgeous […]

August 9, 2018

Sweet and strong Grayson joined us on this beautiful world, July 21st, 2018, curious and eager to start living. Just 7 days later I was blessed to be invited to his home in Alameda. Settling into this warm and inviting home with mom, dad, & grandma doting over baby boy Grayson, I soon noticed how […]

July 30, 2018

5 days old and so incredibly new and precious, perfect in every way! Two newborns in one day…I am a blessed person, doubly so in that, I got to drive down to my old neck of the woods in South San Jose, just a few miles from my old middle school, Martin Murphy, home of […]

July 29, 2018

As I walk into my client’s house and I hear the delicate cry of a newborn, my heart swells. Their sweet cry is never as innocent and precious as it is in those first few weeks. Aiden awoke within 15 minutes of my arrival, as is often the case with newborns, almost as if the […]

July 26, 2018

As teenager I was what you would call, 90’s heartthrob obsessed. I started this little obsession with Jonathan Brandis and moved on to include Devon Sawa, JTT, Backstreet Boys, Hansen, Leonardo DiCaprio and David Boreanaz just to name a few. As you can imagine, I obtained quite a large collection of Tiger Beat’s, 16, Bop […]

July 10, 2018

On a somewhat cloudy day in May, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, I arrived at a quaint little lighthouse in the city of Vallejo. Nestled in one of the many beautiful marina’s of this once Navy town, this lighthouse is the perfect location for a small to medium size wedding. Aside from this wedding […]

July 10, 2018

I can’t believe it has been a year already! This time last year I was just booking my first paying family client, which happened to by Liam’s mommy Emmy. Even at only a couple weeks old, Liam was already is own little man, and a year later the same can be said. He is a calm […]


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