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Northern California Intimate weddings

Northern California is absolutely one of the most beautiful and unique places to get married. Your choices are endless even without Venues! From a private secluded beach to an enchanting forest to a beautiful rustic farm in the central valley, there is no shortage of absolutely gorgeous locations for Northern California Intimate Weddings! Their Why! […]

Family Photography

3 Tips for Preparing for a Successful Bay Area Family Photography Session I know it is that time of year again! Even with a lot fewer events due to COVID, between distance learning and time with the family during the holidays, scheduling a successful family session can be a bit daunting! First, you might not […]

  5 Tips to Help Plan your Intimate Wedding…aka…Micro Wedding! Let’s face it, 2020 didn’t quite go as planned! Who else thought that we would be in the full swing of things by now? I know I did! Full weddings in the San Francisco Bay area and California as a whole may not be happening, […]

Walnut Creek Wedding

10 Steps To Finding A Great Wedding Photographer While your wedding day may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, your photographs will be an enduring memory for years to come…so you want to get them right! Finding a great wedding photographer is not just a matter of seeing a portfolio you like and booking on sight, but […]

Branding Photography

  Being an entrepreneur is both very rewarding and very hard! Putting yourself out there day after day, risking it all to do what you love is very difficult. Entrepreneurs often suffer from depression and self-esteem issues, when they don’t take the time out of the day to take care of themselves.  We often work […]

Your baby is growing up! They are entering their final year of high school! It is both exciting and scary to know this is the last year of childhood, especially with so many uncertainties hanging in the air surrounding this next school year. All the fun milestones attached to Senior Year…Homecoming, Formals, Sports, etc…are all […]

Maternity and Newborn

Congratulations on your upcoming baby!! I know having a baby during COVID can be really stressful, which is why bringing some positivity and light in one’s life is so important! Celebrating new life and your growing family is so very important, which is why finding the right maternity photography is key to a fun, safe, […]

Graduating Class

Graduating Class of 2020, You are One of a Kind!! When the masks have been discarded, and the high school, stadiums, and malls are thriving with people again, this year’s Graduating Class of 2020 will still be remembered for decades to come! The class of “perfect vision” had to find new and innovative ways to […]

Destination Elopement

Is an Intimate Destination Weddings or Elopement the Right Choice for You??   In the current climate, I know that planning a wedding can be really stressful. So many questions may be running through your mind! Should I even have a big wedding? Is it safe for the elderly guests? Will it even be allowed […]

Wedding Style

  Wedding photography is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding! After all, once the guests have all gone, the decorations and flowers have been tossed and the food is eaten, what you have left are the photographs and videos. I have heard too many stories of couples who didn’t like their […]


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