“To save a little money you should have one of your relatives be your day of wedding coordinator”, Have you […]

Never Hire Family as your Day of Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Photographer

Avoid booking your wedding photographer if they don’t ask these 3 questions during your consultation. Before we dive into those […]

Avoid Booking a Wedding Photographer

Avoid Booking a Wedding Photographer

You’ve received the most amazing news of your life! You’re pregnant!! You’re going to be a mom!! Celebrate this most […]

Maternity & Newborn Photos – 3 Regrets to Avoid

Newborn Photos

Weddings are finally happening again, at full scale to boot!! But now with everyone rushing to plan their weddings, it […]

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  Once upon a dream…in France! Just picture yourself enjoying the warm sun on your slightly sun-kissed face as you […]

France Elopement Time

Let’s start Positive and Dig in to all of the pros of hiring a wedding a planner and there are […]

Hiring a Wedding Planner: Pros & Cons

  Entrepreneurship in 2021  2020 has been dubbed the year of unprecedented times. Unforeseen events and unexpected circumstances. There is […]

Entrepreneurs in 2021: How to Plan Successfully for a Great Year!

Entrepreneurs in 2021

  Most of us are familiar with the traditional wedding colors. The blue’s, burgundy’s, red’s, white, gray and blush. Well, […]

“Wedding Colors We Are Loving for 2021”

The Day Flies By! Yes! You read it right! Like a falcon in the sky. There is so much planning […]

7  Things Brides Wish They Knew Before their Wedding

  Hey, Bride to be! I know that choosing a wedding venue can be one of the hardest hurdles to […]

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