5 days old and so incredibly new and precious, perfect in every way! Two newborns in one day…I am a […]

Baby Girl Alexis is Here! San Jose Newborn!

As I walk into my client’s house and I hear the delicate cry of a newborn, my heart swells. Their […]

Introducing Baby Boy Aiden!

On a brilliant day, the first day of June, I saw for the first time, sweet little Natalia sit up […]

6 Months Milestone

From giggling to the confused “what’s going on?” look, sweet Natalya’s personality shown through, even at the age of only […]

3 Month Milestone

He has finally fallen asleep, the moment his mom and I have been patiently waiting for throughout the night. The […]

Introducing Baby Everett!

Let me take you back in time…. My heart was beating a mile a minute with images of different newborn poses […]

Meeting Baby Liam my 1st Paying Client