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Destination Elopement

Is an Intimate Destination Weddings or Elopement the Right Choice for You??   In the current climate, I know that […]

On a somewhat cloudy day in May, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, I arrived at a quaint little lighthouse […]

The Rose Gardens at Heather Farms, is one of my favorite places to shoot, especially in the spring and summer. […]

It was a beautiful day in Downtown Sacramento, stoic and strong, her fiance, like almost all men, was not thrilled to […]

It was an absolutely gorgeous first day of April. The sky was the perfect blue, and the temperature couldn’t have […]

Love stories, happily ever afters, this is what little girls grow up on, but what does that really mean? Is […]

She walked nervously and gracefully down the aisle of a stunning and intricate cathedral, her eyes locked on her groom, her […]

Congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to start the long and exciting process of planning the wedding of your dreams. […]

Her heart pounded as she slowly walked up the stairs to see her future husband for the first time on […]

It was a normal Friday night for me, that last day of March when I received an urgent phone call […]


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