The holiday season is fast approaching and you’re so excited because your little one is walking, maybe even talking and […]

My Toddler Won’t Sit Still for Family Portraits…Help!!!

In hustle and bustle of the San Francisco Bay, it is nice to take a little trip into a world […]

Mommy and Me: Enchanted Woods

Enchanted Woods

On a warm summer day in the middle of a quaint town in the kingdom of Northern California, 9¬†beautiful strong […]

Story Time Princess Theme Session

On a somewhat cloudy day in May, Cinco de Mayo to be exact, I arrived at a quaint little lighthouse […]

A Kentucky Derby Wedding

I can’t believe it has been a year already! This time last year I was just booking my first paying […]

Liam’s Cake Smash…or Not?

It was a beautiful day in Downtown Sacramento, stoic and strong, her fiance, like almost all men,¬†was not thrilled to […]

When a Princess met her Police Officer

On a brilliant day, the first day of June, I saw for the first time, sweet little Natalia sit up […]

6 Months Milestone

It was a beautiful spring evening at Round Valley Regional Park in Brentwood. The trees and hills were alive with […]

Celebrating Special Graduate Cameryn

It was a gorgeous morning in Alameda, such a wonderful break from all the rain we have been blessed with. […]

Baby Boy Warrior Fan, Nishan Turnes 1!

Turning 35 has been my scary age for a long time. Instead of yielding to the fear of getting older, […]

35 and Fabulous!